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Netscape Cache Extractor.

          The most popular WWW browser - Netscape Navigator uses several features to speed up. One of them, Netscape cache, can be customized in menu Options|Network Preferences|Cache. When caching is enabled, all information downloaded by Netscape is stored in directory CACHE\ so, when you visit same locations again, Netscape just reads files from disk instead of downloading them from Internet.
         Netscape gives unique names to those stored files, and this makes trouble if you want to find specific file or to "extract" WWW site from cache.

          NCE is designed for restoring files with their original names from Netscape Cache. Now it also provides URL path correction in HTML files. This allows you to save and then browse offline WWW pages with images, Java applets, CGI files. You can also find which file name in cache responds to specific URL.
          NCE supports both latest versions of Netscape, which store URL information in FAT.DB and older versions, which use FAT.

System requirements.
          DOS with long names support (i.e. Windows 95). At least 300kb of memory.

          This is Beta version. Bug reports are welcome.
          Program must be run from Netscape cache directory.
Usage: nce <command> [-<sw> [-<sw>...]] [<designation_path>] [<URL_filter>]
l List cache contents
x eXtract files (Designation path should be specified)
-d Disable URL correction
-r decompose and Reverse host names (a.b.c -> c/a/b)
-s include all Services (only HTTP by default)
nce x c:\internet
        Extract Netscape cache to c:\internet
nce x -r c:\internet
        Create more convenient for browsing directory structure
nce x c:\internet .com
        Extract only URLs containing .com
nce l >list.dat
        Store in list.dat all URLs from cache
nce l -s ftp://
        Look information about visited ftp servers.
Program can be terminated by pressing ESC.
The last NCE version 1.52 beta released on July 5, 1996. (freeware) nce.zip 11kb

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