SIRDS applet.

    I can't explain SIRDS better then the writers of the SIRDS FAQ. I'll just quote the introduction passage.
"Have you walked through a mall lately? These days, as you wander past most of the poster shops, there will be a large group of people staring at the same poster with surprisingly weird expressions on their faces. Some will be in the initial stages of denial or rejection - they will be concentrating, some slowly rocking their heads backwards and forwards, searching for an image that they have never seen before. Others will be grinning from ear to ear, pointing at the poster, chuckling with their friends that a member of their group hasn't seem them yet. "Come on Bill, come on!", they cry and as Bill gets increasingly more frustrated he concentrates harder and harder, until finally (if he's lucky) he sees a true 3D image."
    I hope you'll be lucky :-)

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